Still Crying Series


Early Update

The Plan


Childhood Memories, By Sarah (My Journey of Self Discovery)

Spank Them. By, Anonymous

Anne's Experience By, Anne Moser of QuickSilverQueen

GIRL. By, Ona Courtright

Dear Mom. By, Yukimi

Why Spanking Is Harmful. By Conundrum #5

Survivor's Guilt By Mrs. Searching

How Do I Remember Them? By Melissa (Permission to Live)

Is It Any Wonder? by Brooke L. M. Stage

The Affect of Spanking on Sexuality By Sarah (Who I Am Without You)

Sexuality Tied to Violence. By, Anonymous

Power Over Memories. By, Anonymous

What Spanking Really Taught MeBy Lisa Helms (Musings of a Fat Kid)

Destroyed Connections, By Dara S.

Thoughts on Spanking, By Gloria F.

 Why I Will Never Spank My Child(ren). By, Scottie Moser (The Dranther's Lair) 

Dear Young Parents. By, Anonymous

Why I Don't Spank. By, Elizabeth

Hands. By, Anonymous

Spanking. By, Chelsea Rose Wendt (

Pieces Of Pipe. By, Rae

Confession of a Bad Mother. By, Jane

Spanking Time, By Anonymous

The Opposite of What You Mean To Teach Me. By, Anonymous

(Please show your support and leave comments for the authors if you can. Remember, this is an open ended series! Please consider writing something yourself, or sharing the project with your friends and followers. The guidelines are listed here, but feel free to write in whatever format is easiest for you.)


  1. Are you still accepting submissions, dear Sarah? I just came across your blog this morning, and am very interested in all I have read so far. Namaste.

    I blog at Word Press, as WiccanWoman.

  2. WW, Yes ma'am! :) I am still accepting submissions. This project is open-ended so I will continue to accept posts indefinitely. Thanks so much for your interest!

  3. There is no "neutral" response in your poll. I can't say that I think I am better off for being spanked, but I was spanked on a few occasions (for non-religious reasons - once for lying and once for stealing). And I was swatted on the butt a few times for not obeying or dragging my feet when I was supposed to do something. I was smacked in the face ONCE for calling my mother a bitch in anger. I don't have children and would like to think that I would never strike my children (I don't think fear of physical violence is a good way to train), but having been spanked I can't say that I notice any physical, sexual, mental, emotional or relationship trauma that I can link to being spanked.

    Thanks for the project and the links. It is a very thought-provoking series.