Monday, July 2, 2012

Still Crying: Update

The response I have received for this project has been incredible. Emails, Facebook messages, comments and shares, and even quite a few blog references. Its wonderful to see how important this is to so many people. Submissions are now well into the double digits. Some are poetic, some are informational, ALL are absolutely courageous.
 This week is the Fourth of July, as well as my 2-year wedding anniversary. I’m sure everyone will be cooking out, swimming, or watching fireworks (unless you’re not in the U.S!) Because of this, I have decided to postpone the publishing of my series for one more week. I want each and every one of these stories to receive the attention and feedback that they deserve!  

But the good news is that if you haven’t written a submission for the project yet, you have a whole extra week to get it done!!

Everyone have a relaxing and wonderful holiday! Be sure to check back here on July 9th for first installment of “Still Crying: the pain of corporal punishment doesn’t end when the spanking is over”

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