Monday, July 9, 2012

Still Crying: The Plan

Good Morning!
Today is the first day of publishing for the "Still Crying" project. I will be posting a new submission every other week day for the next month or so. I decided to leave one day between each post so that each entry would receive the attention it deserves. I will also be posting a list of pertinent links towards the end of the series.

As we all know, the subject of corporal punishment is painful and often triggering. The authors of these submissions have shown incredible strength and bravery by coming forward with their stories. Please show your support and leave comments for the authors if you can.

When I was on my way out of fundamentalism, it was stories like these that helped me realize I wasn't crazy. It was brave bloggers and supportive commenters that helped me come to terms with the abuse I experienced as a child. My hope is that this series will reach others like me, as well as any parent considering the use of corporal punishment. If we can help even one broken spirit to heal, or prevent even one child from being hit, this will be more than worth it.

So please join me in welcoming Anne, Dara, Melissa, Lisa,Yukimi, Ona, Brooke, Chelsea, Elizabeth, Conundrum, and the many anonymous authors who are a part of this project. Remember, this is an open ended series! Please consider writing something yourself, or sharing the project with your friends and followers. The guidelines are listed here, but feel free to write in whatever format is easiest for you.

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