Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

My poor Husband is taking a couple killer summer classes online right now and there seems to be no end to the homework. In an attempt to cheer him up (and not destract him from his work) I decided to bake him an apple pie.
In the absense of a dough cutter, i got creative and used my hand mixer to cut the butter into the flour of my pie crust. Big mistake. I shot flour and butter chunks all over the kitchen. There was butter stuck up inside the mixer so I stuck my finger in to clean it out.
Now when i say "hand mixer" i mean the one hand type with the switchable head. I had switched to the puree head for some reason, so when i accidentaly bumped the "on" button, the super-sharp blade came whiping around and punged into the side of my finger. I remember thinking, "woah i hit the power button! good thing it didnt cut my finger!"
And then of course it started to hurt. There was blood on the pie dough, the counter, the blender, the floor, the sink, and of course on me. I immediatly put my hand under the faucet and watched the water below my finger go orange. Husband, (destracted afterall) put papertowels and pressure on the bone-deep wound and went for the First Aid kit. At this point my CNA instincts kicked in and i was able to treat myself.
After a bit, Husband went back to the couch and I went back to my pie. I managed to make an entire lattice-top apple pie with a giant bandage wrapped around my finger.

Also, I think I'm still in shock.

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