Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My Husband is in Canada this last week and a half on an annual fishing trip with the guys in his family. Consequently I have been alone every day without so much as a text from him. Today i felt randomly inspired and wrote him a song. It's better with music, but I thought I'd just post the word's here anyway.

It's called: Crackerjack

Here I am, talking to myself
Nothing that i do is right without you.
Here i am staring at these walls.
I think they miss your voice as much as I do.

I probly shouldn't say "i need you"
But I do.
I could probly get along without you,
but i don't want to!

Right now i should sing about the pain, and kissin' in the the rain,
But all I really wanna say is:

Come home baby!
I'm goin Crazy!
I had crackerjack for dinner cuz i didn't wanna cook for One.

Been thinkin' lately,
My life's no fairytale.
But i'd rather have your kisses than a castle and a crown and a thrown.

So Come Back Home <3

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