Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Mall

                                                I am
Swimming in a sea
   of people
        With a friend
We Are                             Surrounded

By the sights
   and smells of
     the weekend
Must be home                         By

    11:00 Curfew
Point at the photo-booth
       Boy kisses Girl
Classic story of                     Love

    4 new chick flicks in
The Theatre, Lets just
Shop. Please. Another
        Young couple,
On a bench                           But

Not exactly average
    Their fingers meshed
           Together over her
Pregnant belly, both             Completely

    I almost linger
          A whiff of perfume
(a friend?) grabs my
Arm. Wont shop                 Alone.

(I didnt have anything ready to post today so i went looking through my old high school diary. This is a poem i  wrote my senior year.)

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  1. It's very pretty and vivid in its imagery. I love it.