Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Debate

This is a video put out by a member of the Pearl family. Its a tutorial on how to avoid predators.

Is this good sound advice, useless paranoia, or something in between? Lets hear your thoughts!


  1. Oh brother. I always believe in following your instincts; if the situation bothers you, remove yourself. But to use those situations as illustrations is, IMO, both pompous drama-seeking and fear-mongering. It's so like this type of religious lifestyle to worry about the men and the tough looks. What about the women who have murdered pregnant women for their babies? Or the polite, smiling, suit-wearing gentleman with a secret penchant for cocaine and abusing prostitutes? Those are the people I worry about. The way I figure it, the tougher someone tries to look, the less of a genuine threat they are, otherwise they would avoid such a scary appearance. No real predator wants to stick out. Of course, if I was on a road trip alone and saw a whole gas station full of Hell's Angels, nothing would make me stop there. But you get the idea.
    Once during a bitter cold winter day, I pulled out onto the highway and saw a truck broken down, and three African American men trying to thumb a ride. The poor guys were not dressed for the weather and looked half frozen. I had the boys in the car, and decided to stop because NO ONE else was stopping! Black men aren't a real common sight in our neighborhood, and I figured the cops would be the first to stop and probably give them a hard time. They thought all they needed was gas, so I took one to the gas station, rather nervous but I really couldn't justify leaving them there. I gave him $10 for gas, secretly glad I didn't have much more, but he was immensely grateful. I waited while they tried the engine. No go. He asked if there was any possible way I could take them to North Philly, a long drive and a nasty neighborhood, promisng to give me gas money when they got there. Once again, I was glad the boys were there because I had the obvious excuse of not having room in my car for all three. But I went back to our house - without them, of course - to grab some warm shirts of Mark's for them to wear. The one guy looked in bad shape. A whole bag of fleece shirts and hoodies that Mark and I were both certain he had just thrown out, was in the closet. Almost like God was saving it just for them. I took it back, they thanked me profusely, and I left without telling them I was calling my brother to give them a ride, since I didn't want to get their hopes up. My brother is a very big guy and carries a sidearm routinely. He thought about it for a bit, then decided to give them a ride. A few hours later he called me to say tha nothing untoward happened, the were very grateful, and sent many "God bless you"s my way.
    Follow your instincts AND Jesus.

  2. I think of the Pearls as predators, so it's pretty ironic to see them trying to teach people how to avoid them. The dictionary definition is

    1. An organism that lives by preying on other organisms.
    2. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.

    Not "male" "Possibly scary looking"...
    I'm betting both of those "predatory situations" were pretty imaginary, She was afraid to go pee in a public gas station? Pretty soon you will be unable to go anywhere. This is all part of the mythology that women are weaker, more easily decieved and very vulnerable without men with them at all times for protection. Darcy talked about that recently:

    Here is a more sane article on avoiding predators:,-the-2-Personal-Safety-Secret&id=1133374

    They talk about the whole "confident" body language that the Pearls mention in their video, but without all the fear mongering. There's a whole lot of good info out there.