Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pole Dancers, Irony, and Awesomness

Today was "Quad Day" at my University. The day before classes start, campus organizations set up booths along our main quad and students come out to look at what the school has to offer in extracurriculars, clubs, and organizations. I went by myself in a t-shirt and a pair of short short short short athletic shorts. That's not actually an important detail, I just wanted to say it. wearing shorts out in public is STILL a big deal to me even four years after moving out of my parent's house.

So anyway. The quad was PACKED. There had to have been over 2000 students there, milling around between tables, talking, laughing, it was insane. I wandered all over the place. There was a LARPING group hitting eachother with foam swords on an empty patch of grass. There were a bazillion demographic-specific student groups. There were glee clubs and drama clubs and dance clubs and judo clubs. There was a big stage set up where some clubs were giving demonstrations. There was one club called the Fitness Pole Dancing Club that gave a demonstration. My first reaction would be to roll my eyes and the spectacle of it all, but to my surprise, the first Dancer to demonstrate really caught my eye. She was wearing a sports bra and short short short booty shorts. She looked about 20, Latina, and she had a really big jiggly belly. What really stopped me in my tracks were her thighs. They were large and curvy but most strikingly they were covered in scars. hundreds of inch-long slices all along the outside of her upper thighs. And there she was, jiggly belly, fading scars, and a HUGE smile on her face as she rocked in on that pole. I just. I don't even know what to say I was so amazed and inspired.

So there were a bazillion organizations, but it really felt like at least 20% of them were Christian groups. Just dozens of different christian organizations that all do the same things like have pizza parties and prayer groups and go help someone rake their lawn once a year. It was weird to me that none of them seemed to have a specific mission other than... hanging out? Anyway. In the "advocacy" section of the quad, there were all the awesome causes represented. Students were there handing out flyers on how to get involved ending human trafficking, or feeding the homeless, or bettering public services, or ending AIDS. And right in the middle of all those booths was the "Pro-Life" table. Literally two feet away from a girl talking about sex trafficking victims, there's a 19-yr-old white guy shouting about ending abortion and saving the fetuses. Who classified "pro-life" as an advocacy group? I wonder if anyone else noticed the irony.

So once I'd had enough fun at the quad, I headed off to walmart to pick up some last minute school supplies and I ended up coming home with these super extremely awesome Avengers pens. I wanted Batman pens too but I figured I'd wait till I inevitably lose these. 

And yes those are my Star Wars things in the background. That's like 20% of my collection.

I wonder if there's a nerd club at my University?